Grade 6 Business Fair

FAIR ENDS TOMORROW! Sunday, June 6, 2021 last day to purchase products, and support GRADE 6 students. Thankyou!

Once a year, the GRADE 6 CLASS at WALDORF ACADEMY creates products to sell at profit for their BUSINESS MATH BLOCK. Profits generated by sales of their products are all DONATED to a chosen charity.

The GRADE 6 STUDENTS are tasked not only with creating the products for sale, but tracking the cost of developing their products, the profits earned from sales, and tabling the results, as well as contacting the Non-Profit of choice to donate the resulting proceeds of sales of their products.

Most years, these sales happen in school. However, due to the lockdown currently enacted in Toronto, our online school store is offering a portal for the larger Waldorf Academy Community to purchase the student's products online, as the school building remains closed as per Provincial order. Curbside PICK-UP will be available outside Waldorf Academy on Madison Avenue. Please indicate your choice of Shipping Canada Post, Local Curbside Pick-up @ the store at 188 Glen Cedar Road, Toronto, or Local Free Delivery (within 20km) at check-out.

We appreciate your support. Please contact Waldorf at Home with any questions. Our contact link is on our Home Page or email:

You may also contact the school directly @ the link on our Home Page, or by telephone: Waldorf Academy 416-962-6447. Thankyou!

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