Children's Picture Book - The TOMTES OF HILLTOP WOOD Series (3 Titles)

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The TOMTES series written and illustrated by Brenda Tyler. Inspired by stories of her childhood, and of the forest and woods she played in as a child. The TOMTES are little people living in the woodlands that only young children can see. Their adventures will delight and engage the youngest readers.

Please select from the 3 titles: TOMTES OF HILLTOP WOOD introduces Emily and Jaimie, the two children who together with their friends The Tomtes mysteriously stop a road from being built right through their home in Hilltop Wood.

TOMTES OF HILLTOP FARM are asked for help from their friends Emily and Jaimie to help poor Farmer Robinson save his beloved farm. Together they magically find a way to make the animals behave and the crops grow better!

TOMTES OF HILLTOP STREAM must help the children Emily and Jaimie to clean up the water so that their friend the otter will come back to Hilltop Stream. It will take teamwork for the children and the Tomtes to make the water fun to play in again!

Hardcover. Floris Books for Children.