Chapter Books for Older Readers - CHAOS CLOCK and CHAOS QUEST

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PRICE IS FOR BOTH BOOKS. SOLD AS A SET. ON SALE! Written by acclaimed author of children's fantasy adventure fiction, Gill Arbuthnott. She also wrote WINTERBRINGERS and DARK SPELL. Sold separately.

Join best friends Kate and David who are no ordinary kids. They are keys: powerful controllers of time!

In the first volume, CHAOS CLOCK, time is running out. The battle has just begun! The Museum's Millennium Clock is at the centre of the war between the evil Lords of Chaos, and the Guardians of Time. Can David help the Guardians, while Kate restrains the power of Chaos?

The thrilling sequel to Chaos Clock, CHAOS QUEST has our heroes Kate and David racing against time to stop the evil Lords of Chaos from tricking the Stardreamer into losing her power. Can Kate and David, the secret keys, prevent the barriers between times from being blown away forever?

Softcover. 175-200pages. Kelpies Discover Books for Children.