Children’s Picture Book - CLASSIC POEMS

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"The best of poetry is memorable, as prayers are, and in this wonderful selection of poems, both young and older readers will find something that will stay with them, or has stayed with them, all of their lives."

Internationally acclaimed Welsh artist, Jackie Morris has collected a wonderful assortment of CLASSIC POEMS in this absolutely exquisitely illustrated book of poetry.

Some of the poems included are the most enduring of children's poems in the English language. One could argue the merits, or absence of a favourite poem, but what can not be argued is the incredible talent of illustrator Jackie Morris. Her talent has been recognised over the years with many children's books, but it was her collaboration with British author, naturalist, Robert McFarlane, on the recent books, THE LOST WORDS, and just recently in March 2020, THE LOST SPELLS, that has catapulted her into worldwide recognition she so richly deserves. This book of CLASSIC POEMS deserves a place in every household library. A memorable gift.

Hardcover. 130 pages. Barefoot Books, Step Inside A Story.