Children’s Picture Book - Lennon&McCartney's IN MY LIFE

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Wow...written by The Beatles' legendary songwriting team of Paul McCartney and John Lennon! Cherishing life's small...and sometimes large...moments that make up our lives. Written in 1965. "There are places I'll remember all my life..."

IN MY LIFE is the lovely pictorial rendition of one of their most beloved songs ever written. Joyously illustrated by Genevieve Santos. Her self-professed "joie-de-vivre" comes through clearly in her illustrations!

The Beatles partnership of Lennon&McCartney created one of the best-selling duos in music history...publishing more than 180 songs!...many becoming iconic anthems of popular culture. IN MY LIFE is one of those songs. Adults, and children alike, will love this beautiful book. You will start singing as you read...this song is in your heart.

Hardcover, with sleeve.