Children's Picture Book - THE STORY OF THE SNOW CHILDREN

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Sibylle von Olfers beloved STORY of the SNOW CHILDREN often associated with Christmas time, actually never mentions Christmas. It is just a magical tale about Winter, and the Snow Queen's winter Kingdom.

Children are enchanted, along with little Poppy gazing out the window, when the snowflakes falling down are magically transformed into Snow Children...dancing and whirling in the garden. Sibylle von Olfers signature style of lyrical text, and detailed illustrations of children in Nature never disappoints. More than a century later!

Collect all her stories. Other titles available, such as The Story of the Root Children, The Story of the Rabbit Children, or The Story of the Wind Children, sold separately. Also available in a mini-size, and a Board Book for Baby, My First Snow Children. The entire Sibylle von Olfers Collection sold separately.

Hardcover. First published in 1905. Floris Picture Books for Children.