Educational Chapter Book - D'AULAIRES' BOOK OF GREEK MYTHS

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This is the ultimate volume for children and their families interested in learning about Greek Mythology.

The D'AULAIRES BOOK OF GREEK MYTHS has all the greats of ancient Greece in one epic volume, lavishly illustrated by the husband and wife team of Edgar d'Aulaire and Ingri Mortensen, first published in 1962.

Read about powerful Zeus, King of all the Gods, with his fistful of Thunderbolts! The immortalized Hercules, indeed part mortal, part God. Aphrodite, the beauty and Goddess of Love. Little known to some, Athena is not only the Goddess of Wisdom, but of battle strategy. And, beware of Medusa, Snake-haired Gorgon, turning enemies to Stone!

Studied worldwide by the Grade 5 in the Waldorf Curriculum. Culminating in May of every year by the Greek Olympics! All Grade 5 students participating in an honoured tradition mirrored on these ancient heroes, Gods and Goddesses.

This is a beautiful edition of this memorable book. An impressive binding, with gilded cover in Hardback, with book flaps.

Sold separately, the D'Aulaires book of the Norse Myths.