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"...add super nutrients to your dog's daily food." Made with love, and whole food nutrition, in our kitchen in Toronto, Ontario.

Crafted for our 6 year old Great Pyrenees, Sadie, this is a daily supplement to sprinkle over your pet's food. Beneficial for Cats too. Safe for all growth stages. Approximately 1 Tablespoon/meal for an average large size 35kg dog.

ALL ORGANIC SADIE'S SPRINKLES are a holistic whole food supplement. Made with: NUTRITIONAL YEAST (high in B vitamins and repels fleas) / Ground ROLLED OATS, Ground FLAXSEED, Ground HEMP SEEDS (all of which are very high in Fat and Protein, and help cleanse and nourish new tissue growth) / Ground HULLED BARLEY (very high in fibre and a great digestive aid) / Atlantic SEA KELP (high in Iodine and many important vitamins and minerals) / DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (Human Grade, helps to repel internal parasites) / NETTLE and MINT LEAVES (help detoxify and freshens breath!) / CAMU CAMU BERRY (high in Vitamin C) / GARLIC POWDER (repels fleas and is a good digestive aid) / TURMERIC POWDER (helps inflammation).

Please choose 255g(2cups), or 125g(1cup). Spoon included. In re-sealable bags.

Sadie's Biscotties, Human Grade Holistic Organic DOG BISCUITS available, sold separately.

Made in Canada. Supporting small Canadian businesses.