St. Francis Holistic Health - CANADIAN DIGESTIVE BITTERS with&without MAPLE SYRUP

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Made with care and intention at St. Francis Herb Farm, Quebec, their CANADIAN DIGESTIVE BITTERS. For daily use to aid digestion, as a digestive tonic, to help relieve digestive upset. Also helpful to relieve nausea.

With their own natural herbal extracts of Globe Artichoke, Dandelion, Gentian root, Chamomile, Turmeric, Burdock, Black Walnut and Ginger roots.

Please choose from DIGESTIVE BITTERS WITH MAPLE SYRUP, or DIGESTIVE BITTERS WITHOUT. Both will give digestive support.

50ml in a glass bottle. Suggested daily use is 1-1,5ml, three x/day in a little water, on an empty stomach. Take 15-60minutes before meals. 

Rooted in Tradition since 1988.

Made in Canada. Supporting small Canadian businesses.